• Teams are not allowed to change players after the tournament has started.
• Teams that do not turn up on time will be disqualified from participating*

Preparation (Team’s own Responsibilities):
• Make sure the 12 cups (6 cups a side) are filled appropriately with water (about 2cm in height).
• Make sure cups are arranged properly on the side you are scoring.

Initial Possession:
• “Coin Flip” OR “Rock, Paper, Scissors”

• When ball lands in a cup, the cup needs to be removed by the defending team.
• Each side shoots (Both Players)
• One Re-rack Only
• No Blowing, Fingering of balls
• When balls are bounced and it lands in a cup, 2 cups are removed (shooting team decides the second cup)
• Elbow Rules Applies: elbow cannot cross the line before and after shooting
• When both players hits a cup each (2 balls in 2 separate cups), they both get another turn.
• When both players hits a cup each (2 balls in 1 cup), they get another turn and 3 cups are removed.

• As soon as the ball hits the cup/table/foreign objects, it can be swatted.
• If balls are defensively touched before it hits cup/table, there will be a penalty. Shooter decides which cup to be removed as the penalty.

End of game:
• If both player hit the last cup (2 balls in the last cup), the win is sealed (game over)
• If only one ball lands in the last cup, the losing team gets rebuttal, and are entitled to shoot until they miss. If cups are cleared in the process, over time occurs.

Over time:
• 1 cup per side, first to sink wins.

Grand final:
• 10 cups a side will be played.